Using AutoCAD since 1985 to present all current versions.
Using Rhinoceros since 2006 to present all current versions
Various rendering packages AR4, AR5, V-Ray, Brazil, Penguin, Flamingo.
Also, all the 3D models on these other pages were created by me


I had the pleasure of working n this project. It was designed by Zaha Hadid Architects of London with Yoko Ono. The production was handled by Stagelink.
The project is a portable art museum that will breakdown into shipping
crates and then load onto 3 Boeing 747 Cargo Planes.
I was assigned the 3D Modeling of the FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic)
which is what the walls and part of the roof are made of.
There are about 400 panels for all the walls of the main building and the
ticket booth, and no 2 were the same. Later on in the project I got to do
some of the 3D models of the structural steel for the roof.
The models I created were then sent to production to be made into moulds.
I had no part in the design or in the actual production, just 3D modeling.
Then finished and painted and packed into crates for transportation.
The pavilion started out in Hong Kong China and then moved to Tokyo Japan.
After Tokyo, it will go to New York City and then to Paris.
All the shows are free and will be in each city for about 3 months.

Concept Drawing by Zaha Hadid Architects
London England

Zaha Hadid Architects Concept Drawing    Zaha Chanel Concept

by Stagelink

Fabrication moulds    Fabrication finishing    Fabrication painting

Transportation in 3 Boeing 747
Cargo Planes
Boeing 747
Test Setup in Yorkshire England Test assembly in Yorkshire England    Test assembly in Yorkshire England
Assembly in Hong Kong China

Assembly in Hong Kong China    Assembly in Hong Kong China    Assembly in Hong Kong China


Technical And Patent Examples

Gear Box Gear Box 2D Example Gear Box White Background Gear Box Black Background Gear Box Black Background Grey Scale
Gear Box White Background Grey Scale Gear Box Open Gear Box Closed  
Shaft Assembly Shaft Assembly Grey Scale Shaft Assembly Toon Shading Shaft Assembly Rendered  
Plunger Latch Plunger Latch Assembly 2D Plunger Latch Assembly With Color Plunger Latch Assemble With Color And Shade Plunger Latch Assembly Rendered
Syringe Franklin Syringe Exploded      

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