Teds 3D Models


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Custom modeling and changes to these models is also available by email request.

These are all large highly detailed CAD files.
Please request one or more of these formats on your PayPal invoice
Can be converted for you to most standard formats.
Models will come with any textures or maps required.
These are 3D CAD models, NOT real objects.
All sales final, no refund on 3D CAD models.

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If you don't see what you want, send an email and
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Lathe Lathe Line Reamer.jpg (19448 bytes) Stereo Microscope Nail Gun.jpg (48852 bytes) Nail Gun2.jpg (48029 bytes)
  Nibbler (50K) Nippers (33k) Nut Drivers.jpg (36715 bytes) Oil Filter Wrench.jpg (21032 bytes) Paint Gun
Paint Rollers (54K) Paint Brush 1.5 Inch (33K) Paint Brush 3 Inch (39K) Foam Paint Brush (36K) Pipe Cutter.jpg (22236 bytes) Pipe Wrench.jpg (19015 bytes)
Pliers Channel Lock.jpg (16874 bytes) Pliers Mech.jpg (15500 bytes) Pliers NeedleNose.jpg (29496 bytes) Pliers Snap Ring.jpg (17959 bytes) Pliers Snap Ring 2.jpg (18876 bytes) Pocket Screw Jig
Pocket Screw Jig          
Pop Rivit Gun.jpg (20178 bytes) Tire Pressure Gauge (50k) Pressure Gauge or Pressure  Indicator Probe.jpg (8836 bytes) Punch Protector or Punch Holder (40k) Quick Grip Clamp.jpg (26611 bytes)
Rail & Stile Bits.jpg (22110 bytes) Router Bits Rail & Stile3.jpg (23243 bytes) Air Ratchet (35K) Pneumatic Ratchet CPI (38K) Ratchet Set.jpg (24654 bytes) Router (63K)
Makita Router (71K) Makita Router Model 3606 (73K) Electric Router (69K) Sander (53K) Skil Sander (55K) Skil Electric Sander (73K)
Skil Sander Model 7275 (58K) Palm Sander Buck Saw with Painted Mural (24k) Saw Hack.jpg (13481 bytes) Saw Hole.jpg (26243 bytes) Keyhole Saw (45k)
Saw Undercut.jpg (15595 bytes) Screwdriver Combination.jpg (21266 bytes) Screwdriver Cordless.jpg (28555 bytes) Screwdriver Impact.jpg (17955 bytes) Screwdriver Pocket.jpg (17588 bytes) Screwdriver Set.jpg (34759 bytes)
Screwdriver Slot Robertson Phillips.jpg (28457 bytes) Another Screwdriver Ship Auger or Drill Bit (46k) Stubby Roberts Screwdriver or Square Head (46k) Spade Shovel  
Circular Saw (65K) Electric Skil Saw (66K) Skil Circular Saw (66K) Skil Circular Saw Model    
    Sliding Square Sliding T-Bevel Rewinding Slot Tamping Tool (32k) Socket Set.jpg (27444 bytes)
Square Combination.jpg (14052 bytes) Stapler HD.jpg (19961 bytes) Stapler Power.jpg (13159 bytes) Welding Striker Tap Dormer 78.jpg (36298 bytes) Third Hand (41k)
Third Hand (40k) Tin Snips.jpg (16051 bytes) Toolbox All Open Drawers.jpg (29165 bytes) Toolbox All Open Drawers2.jpg (34125 bytes) ToolBox Chest Closed.jpg (26299 bytes) ToolBox Chest Open Drawers.jpg (32008 bytes)
ToolBox Rolling Cabinet Locked.jpg (16912 bytes) ToolBox Rolling Cabinet Open Drawers.jpg (27487 bytes) ToolBox Side Cabinet Closed.jpg (14185 bytes) ToolBox Side Cabinet Open.jpg (23111 bytes) Tool Wagon (37K) Wood Tool Box
Torque Wrench.jpg (43068 bytes) Torque Wrench2.jpg (16498 bytes) Trouble Light (51K) Hanging Trouble Light (24K) Vice Combination.jpg (28134 bytes) Vise Grips.jpg (22360 bytes)
Hand Winch Wire Scraper.jpg (11592 bytes) Wire Scraper 2.jpg (9409 bytes) Wire Stripper.jpg (20978 bytes) Wood Chisel 1/2 Inch (46k) Wrench Set Combination.jpg (22476 bytes)