Teds 3D Models


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Custom modeling and changes to these models is also available by email request.

These are all large highly detailed CAD files.
Please request one or more of these formats on your PayPal invoice
Can be converted for you to most standard formats.
Models will come with any textures or maps required.
These are 3D CAD models, NOT real objects.
All sales final, no refund on 3D CAD models.

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If you don't see what you want, send an email and
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Baseball Cap (29K) Beer Taps Kids Bike (49K) Bracelet Bracelet 2 Bug Box (25K)
Bundle Of Panels.jpg (117073 bytes) CamCleat.jpg (33904 bytes) Cattle Oiler (36K) ChuteMaster.jpg (13247 bytes) ClipBoard.jpg (33089 bytes) Andis Electric Clippers And Charger (48K)
Andis Electric Clippers (57K) Andis Electric Clipper Charger (45K) Manual Clippers (30K) Cowboy Hat Made Of Felt (19K) Curb Bit (44k) Deputy Badge
Diamond Ring (28k) Gambling or Game Dice Dog Whistle (40k) Fire Extinguisher.jpg (17935 bytes) Fire Extinguisher2.jpg (26557 bytes) 20 Foot Freight Container
Freight Container 40 Foot 40 Foot Freight Container High Cube All 3 Freight Containers Reading Glasses (30K) Gold Ring And Silver Ring (39K) Horse shoe or Horseshoe
Glass Bobbles (30k) Halter Snap (41k) Jack Daniels Bottle.jpg (21050 bytes) Jack Daniels Glass.jpg (16372 bytes) Jack Daniels.jpg (53259 bytes) Jack Daniels2.jpg (44880 bytes)
Jack Daniels3.jpg (58083 bytes) Jack Daniels4.jpg (46325 bytes) Key Chaiin with Rhino Logo (25K) Key Ring.jpg (15415 bytes) Key1.jpg (12167 bytes) Key2.jpg (13170 bytes)
Key 4 (29k) Keys on Ring (19637 bytes) Motel Key (17903 bytes) Magnifying Glass.jpg (20631 bytes) Glass Mug With Handle (56K) Corral System For Cattle Handling (84864 bytes)
Pad Lock (49k) Paper Cup (26K) Plunger Latch Assembly 3.jpg (46846 bytes) Plunger Latch Assembly.jpg (27114 bytes) Wooden Puzzle (25K) Rain Gauge (144K)
Red Man Tobacco.jpg (29080 bytes) Remote Car Door.jpg (16093 bytes) 180 Road Signes Sad Iron.jpg (67593 bytes) Shelf Metal.jpg (19593 bytes) Shelves.jpg (38695 bytes)
Spray Bottle or Squeeze Bottle (32K) Spray Can.jpg (40700 bytes) Square Tube 3.jpg (29413 bytes) Stethoscope.jpg (21312 bytes) Large Disposable Syringe (37K) Small Disposable Syringe (32K)
Elplex Syringe (48K) Franklin Syringe (35K) Exploded Franklin Syringe Parts (68K) Syringe Set (59K) Tarp Strap (17K) Tin Box (39k)
Teds Balls (51170 bytes) Tripod